• Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Health & Safety
  • Heavy Highway Construction
  • Permiting & Regulatory
  • Project Management & Control
  • Remediation & Consulting
  • Sample Monitoring &
    Groundwater Treatment
  • Transportation & Disposal


    Red Technologies is able to provide transportation, disposal, and container services for impacted soil, sludge, ash, water, railroads ties, lead paint, contaminated soil, asbestos containing materials, hazardous waste and much more. Since our company provides its own transportation services and is not limited to one transportation network and/or disposal facility outlet, we are able to provide our clients with qualified options through our “one-stop shopping” process where all transportation and disposal needs are considered. Each of Red Technologies’ disposal outlets are pre-qualified against our standard “risk screening” method, periodically audited, and re-qualified to provide our clients with an established and maintained degree of confidence. Our network of disposal outlets include, but are not limited to the following receiving facilities:

    Red Technologies’ personnel schedule and coordinate the transport and disposal of material and prepare all the necessary shipping documents including, but not limited to, manifests, bills of lading, and material shipping records. Our personnel meticulously document that all applicable regulatory requirements have been followed. We can provide our clients with the following transportation equipment and container services:

    Transportation Equipment

    • Roll-Off Containers      
    • Dump Trailers/Trucks
    • Water Tankers
    • Vacuum Trucks
    • Intermodal/Rail
    • Gondola/Rail
    • Marine/Barge
    • Walking Floor Trailers
    • Van Trailers
    • Container Services

    Container Services

    • Pails
    • Drums
    • Cubic Yard Boxes (T-Packs)
    • Gondola Containers
    • Dewatering Containers
    • Fractionation Tanks
    • Mud Boxes
    • Polyethylene Tanks
    • Steel Tanks


    Red Technologies has developed a vast network of transportation and disposal facilities which allows us to provide turnkey environmental operations in a cost effective and time efficient manner; reducing overall project costs and increasing margin returns for our clients. The Asbestos and Acetylene Cylinder Management Division facilitates the transportation and disposal for the following types of asbestos containing materials (ACM):

    In order to assist in the asbestos removal process, we select the disposal facility outlet based on specific permit requirements and provide our clients (construction companies, private corporations, public entities, and individual homeowners) with the following types of transportation equipment:

    RED Technologies prepares all the necessary shipping documentation in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and provides a final close-out package detailing cradle-to-grave documentation. Our senior managers schedule and coordinate all critical path events to ensure a seamless transportation and disposal process of the ACM which enables contractors to focus their attention on technical activities being performed at the job site.