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    RED TECHNOLOGIES' Environmental Construction Services Division is comprised of a team of professionals, project managers, geologists, and technicians who collectively strive to provide our clientele with superior service. Our technical capabilities allow us to provide comprehensive construction site preparation coupled with environmental analysis management and proactive solutions that are both time and cost sensitive; thus the ability to maintain original construction schedules without compromising the project or causing project delays.


    Once a determination has been made that a site requires remediation, RED TECHNOLOGIES' personnel work with our clients utilizing risk-based standards to design and implement a remedial action strategy to address contaminated soil and groundwater issues with a focus on site use objectives for the location. In addition, our employees are conversant with conventional techniques as well as "leading edge" technologies to optimize and expedite site remediation. Some examples of excavation technologies which can be used with off-site disposal include:

    RED TECHNOLOGIES has the capability to provide remediation equipment as well as skilled personnel to operate and maintain the systems for full optimization. Recognizing that site remediation activities can be associated with multi-year duration programs and the life-cycle cost of operating and maintaining a remediation system may constitute up to 60% of the overall remediation cost, we can offer our clients pricing options. We can provide hourly pricing for our employees to assist with system start up, as well as offer fixed pricing programs to allow clients a degree of cost certainty and promote effective budgeting for sustained, on-going remedial operations.


    Red Technologies performs ASTM Due Diligence Assessments (Phase I and Phase II) and comprehensive site investigations on behalf of clients in the public and private sectors. Site investigations are generally conducted through project scoping and planning; researching historical information via database search capabilities and agency file reviews; collecting data using a variety of subsurface investigatory techniques; and performing risk assessments.

    Often times, our clients choose to extend our environmental assessment projects to include treat-ability studies, pilot tests, and remedial alternatives analysis. The data we compile supports our engineering services to design and implement appropriate remedial activities. These projects require diverse expertise in geology, hydrogeology, engineering, and risk assessment.


    To avoid delays and successfully execute construction projects on contaminated sites, contractors must have established methods and procedures in place that will promote the timely and accurate implementation of construction activities. Red Technologies’ employees are experienced in preparing various work plans to support construction projects. The following is a sample of representative plans and documents that we have developed as well as implemented activities against: