• Neutralization of Q-Bridge Wastewater
  • HUD Wiggins Village Remediation
  • Q-Bridge Central Groundwater Treatment Facility


    Environmental Division Neutralizes Latex Modified Concrete Wastewater
    RED Technologies pretreated wastewater from Q-Bridge project in New Haven, CT to a pH between 6.5 and 9.5 before the wastewater could be treated through the CGWT more
    H.U.D Wiggins Village Remediation Project
    RED Technologies, LLC was recently put in charge of air monitoring, earthwork excavation, soil grab samples, and stockpile management for the Wiggins Village Apartment property in Provedince, more
    Q-Bridge Central Groundwater Filtration System
    RED Technologies was awarded the job to redesign, manage, and operate the Central Groundwater Filtration System on the estimated $450 million dollar Q-Bridge project in New Haven, more